Twilight Time

1 M, 1 W

A comedy about suicide?? Two strangers contemplating suicide meet on a park bench. After learning of their common purpose, they discover a mutual love of junk food, horror movies, and politics. Will that be enough to overcome their wish to self-destruct?

Production History: 

Neil LaBute New Theater Festival, St. Louis Actors’ Studio, St. Louis

Last Frontier Theatre Conference, Valdez, AK

Reviews & Press

This one is the shortest play of the night, featuring two strangers meeting and forming a connection. . . . the characters, Benjamin (Alexander Huber) and Geraldine (Bryn McLaughlin), soon find that they are both there for the same dark reason. . . . An attraction quickly grows between them. . .. The staging is simple, but well-paced. Both performers play out this story with excellent chemistry and compelling stage presence.

Michelle Kenyon, Snoop's Theatre Thoughts