Tatyana and the Cable Man

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East meets West when a beautiful Russian meets a Fox-news-loving cable man.

  • Best Play, Midtown Short Play Lab, NYC, 2013 
  • Finalist, Best Play, Midtown International Theatre Festival, NYC, 2013
Production History: 

Birdhouse Theatre, Georgia College, Milledgeville, GA (performance canceled due to COVID-19)

The Space Theatre Company, London, July 2015

The Space Theatre Company, London, January 2015

200 Miles Off Broadway Festival, Darkhorse Dramatists, Binghamton, NY, 2104

Midtown Short Play Lab, NYC, 2013

Reviews & Press

Tatyana and the Cable Man “is a smoke break monologue delivered by Russian immigrant Tatyana (Jessica Ayers). She expounds on her love of CNN and a recent series of dates with the guy who installed her cable. Ayers illuminates the story, making it come alive on stage even though she's the only one out there.” 

Zachary Stewart, TheatreMania

Next up is the hilarious Tatyana and the Cable Man, written by John Doble. On a cigarette break at work, Tatyana, a Russian immigrant to the US, lays out the details of her love-life to a silent co-worker. She's been dating the titular cable man, who initially sounds atrocious - a hard-hearted Fox News watching Republican without an ounce of sympathy. Tatyana explains how she gradually thaws him with a combination of intelligence, culture and good old fashioned socialism.

...If you looked up assertive Russian woman in the dictionary you'd get a picture of Tatyana; yet she's sympathetically and smartly fleshed out in a real person. We laugh along with her, enjoy her company and appreciate her intelligence. The gradual evolution of her confused, quietly infatuated cable man is also fun to hear, a detailed picture building in our minds of his behaviour. This was the best thing I saw all night, the humour perfectly dry and the tone precision nailed down.

William McGeogh, London City Nights